Spray Guides

The 2022 WineGrape Spray Guides are NOW ON SALE!

This set of unique at-a-glance posters contains all the information you need to quickly and easily select the best fungicides, insecticides and herbicides for your vineyard. These posters will save you countless hours of time planning and tracking your spray program.

The FULL SET of posters is normally $75, but it’s NOW ON SALE for only $55. When you order the FULL SET of posters, you will receive:

  • Fungicide Guide poster
  • Insecticide Guide poster
  • Herbicide Guide poster
  • Organic Spray Guide poster
  • “Planning a Vineyard Pest Management Program” booklet

If you are growing grapes organically, you may order the Organic Spray Guide poster as a stand-alone poster.  It is normally $25, but it’s NOW ON SALE for only $18. The “Planning a Vineyard Pest Management Program” booklet is included.

The convenient columns of each poster allow you to quickly and easily compare…

  • efficacy for each disease, insect and weed pest
  • rate of product per acre
  • cost per acre per application
  • package size
  • acres per package
  • mode of action
  • resistance risk
  • maximum allowable rates and applications per season
  • restricted entry interval
  • pre-harvest interval
  • personal protective equipment
  • toxicity to humans, bees, beneficial insects and fish
  • spray adjuvant requirements for each product
  • formulation for each product to aid in planning tank-mixes
  • regional restrictions for each product
  • MANY more requirements and recommendations

…for all the major pesticides registered for use on wine grapes east of the Rocky Mountains. That’s 51 conventional fungicides, 41 conventional insecticides, 25 conventional herbicides and 43 organic products!

Please click the video below to see how the Spray Guides can work for you. As always, I appreciate your business!

How to Order Spray Guides: